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Data is expensive. Information is invaluable.

You won't get cookie cutter research from us. We work with you every step of the way to custom design a research program that is appropriate and useful. By tailoring your research to your specific needs we make sure that you are not paying for data that does not help you take action.

Methods & Services

"Research" to us is the systematic gathering of strategic information from and about people with whom you need to communicate. There are many ways we produce useful information, including:

SURVEY RESEARCH. Telephone, Mail, Web, Electronic. Local, Regional, National. Longitudinal Studies, Overnight Polls. Voters, Neighbors, Citizens, Business Owners, Community Leaders, Employees, Customers, Consumers, Stakeholders.

AUDIENCE RESPONSE. We assemble a representative sample of your target audience and show them your ads, your speech or other live or taped material. You watch on a computer monitor how the audience is responding second by second. We save the database and produce a detailed analysis.

INTERACTIVE POLLING. Everyone at your meeting has an individual handset with which to respond anonymously to material you present. Results are tabulated and displayed instantly, so that everyone stays continuously engaged, while you gather data on their response to the content of the meeting.

ELECTRONIC TOWN MEETINGS. We conduct a "town meeting" at which participants discuss issues and respond to poll questions, which are tabulated and the results displayed instantly. The instantaneous results lead to deeper discussion while keeping the meeting focused and on track.

FOCUS GROUPS. There is nothing quite like watching a group of strangers talk about you or your program when they don't know you are watching.

KEY PERSON INTERVIEWS. We interview key people in positions important to you and your objectives. Community leaders, Financial analysts, Executives, Industry leaders. We compile and analyze their comments and report back to you.

PUBLIC OPINION MONITOR. We conduct on-going monitors of public and consumer opinion, including The Elway Poll and The Seattle Times Washington Poll. These programs give us unmatched perspective and data on public thinking. Clients can insert proprietary questions in the monthly Elway Poll.