Integrating qualitative & quantitative data.


"Dial groups" or audience response systems have been used for years to test audio/visual material. We know. We have been using this technology since 1988.

We push beyond simple "response" to interactive polling to turn a passive "audience" into engaged "participants." We use this technology as a hybrid of quantitative (survey) and qualitative (focus group) methods. It can be part survey, part focus group, part workshop and part town hall meeting. We have even recruited statewide random samples to participate in an interactive poll on live television.

Participants answer survey questions using an individual handset. Individual responses are anonymous and confidential. Everyone participates, whether they speak up or not. The tabulated results are instant and public. Instantaneous display of the results allows for clarification and discussion. At pre-planned or spontaneous times, the facilitator probes via discussion. Any question can generate a discussion and any discussion point can become a polling question. The results are saved and the discussion taped, generating a wealth qualitative and quantitative data for later analysis.

Interactive polling is a powerful tool for research and meetings.

Participants stay actively and continuously engaged with the presenter and with each other – whether or not they speak up.

Sponsors can observe participants' responses in real time and analyze the data in depth later.

Presenters can track audience understanding of the material and modify as needed.

Facilitators can use the survey feedback to focus the discussion, probe for reasons behind the answers.

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