Communication does not just happen.


Communication does not "just happen." Effective communication requires effective strategy – a coherent plan of action. Effective strategy takes into account:
1) Your goals and objectives;
2) Operational constraints and imperatives;
3) Pertinent conditions in the environment.

When your objectives involve communicating with others, the most pertinent environmental conditions consist of the ideas that those others have about you and your objectives.

This is where we come in. We show you what others are thinking about your organization and your objectives. We provide you a map of the attitudinal terrain you will have to navigate to achieve your objectives.

Our communication approach to research is based on four premises:

1) People respond to a situation as they see it, not as you see it.

2) Effective communication begins with hearing and understanding. You will be more effective if you know how and why your publics understand the situation.

3) Communication is what the receiver does. We all get about 35,000 messages a day now. Unless and until it is heard and understood, your "message" is just noise.

4) There are no magic bullets. There is no single message that will connect with everyone.

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