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The Elway Poll is the only indedendent, non-partisan, on-going analysis of public opinion trends in Washington state and the Northwest. It measures changing public attitudes, analyzes the interplay of issues, candidates and opinions, and tracks political races. Every month, subscribers receive findings from a new survey of Washington state voters. The in-depth analysis includes trend data and comparisons with regional and national public opinion.

The Elway Poll creates information not available in any form, from any other sources including:

ELECTION WATCH Tracking data on all statewide and congressional races.
EVOLVING ISSUES New perspectives on state and regional issues.
EMERGING ISSUES Identification of issues before they become political "hot potatoes."
REGIONAL PROFILES Analysis of variations in public opinion across regions and over time.
DYNAMIC DATABASE A dynamic database on social and political thought in the state and region.

In addition to the monthly digest, subscribers have access to:
PROPRIETARY QUESTIONS - Each month, space is reserved in the questionnaire to allow you to include proprietary questions at a nominal fee.
EXCLUSIVE ANALYSIS - Subscribers may receive additional computations or analysis of the data beyond that published in the monthly digest, customized to your unique information needs.
CUSTOM CONSULTATION - Members of the Elway Research team will meet with you to go over recent data as they pertain to you organization or jurisdiction. These private consultations may be with you council staff, or other internal groups.
ACCESS TO LIBRARY - Subscribers gain access to our growing database of public opinion trends in Washington state.