The Elway Poll has been providing independent, non-partisan analysis of public opinion in Washington and the Northwest since 1992. The quarterly survey of Washington voters has chronicled changing public opinion about every major issue on the public agenda.

The Elway Poll monitors changing public thinking and analyzes the interplay of issues, opinions and elections. By following candidate races and ballot issues through the eyes of the voters, it helps readers understand the currents of public opinion beneath the "horse race" numbers.

The Elway Poll provides unmatched perspective on current public opinion by analyzing changes over time, examining demographic and regional findings within the state, and relating state findings to national survey data.

The Crosscut.Elway Poll

In 2018, The Elway Poll partnered with Cascade Public Media to form The Crosscut.Elway Poll.

Cascade Public Media is the parent organization for KCTS/9, the Seattle public television station, and the daily digital news site Crosscut.com. This nonprofit, community-licensed, publicly supported organization is committed to supporting social and civic engagement, arts and culture and education and family initiatives.

The partnership joins the 28 year history of The Elway Poll, the 66-year history of KCTS public television and the 30+ person newsroom of Crosscut.com to provide in-depth regional coverage of issues facing the Northwest.

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