Elway Research, Inc. specializes in research for the development of communication strategies. Since 1975, we have conducted research and evaluation projects for governmental agencies at all levels; major corporations; small businesses; media outlets; non-profit organizations; associations; foundations; and election campaigns.

We have developed a strong reputation for strategic research of the highest quality and utility.

Some of the uses to which our research has been put are:

Advertising Development, Testing & Evaluation
Attitude, Awareness & Behavior Studies · Audience Research
Budget Prioritization · Campaign Strategy Development
Citizen Engagement · Government Services Evaluation
Community Relations · Community Visioning · Communication Audits
Conference Evaluation · Customer / Patient Satisfaction
Economic Development Strategies · Election Post Mortems
Employee Satisfaction · Institutional Name Change · Needs Assessment
New Product Development · Organizational Goal Setting
Performance Measures · Program Evaluation · Market Segmentation
Social Marketing · Trial Preparation

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