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Welcome to the Age of Communications…
Confusing isn’t it?

In 1975, we opened our first corporate brochure with these words: “Welcome to the Age of Communications.”   We have been helping clients connect with their publics ever since.

Communicating is hard to do.  We all know instinctively from our personal lives how difficult it is to actually communicate with someone.   Yet many believe that communicating in the public realm is easy.   All we need to do is get a “Communicator” to create the right “messages,” then everyone will think like we do.

Each of us is bombarded with about 35,000 “messages” a day now.  Unless the person you are trying to reach hears it and understands it, your “message” is just noise.

Effective communications requires effective strategy.  And effective strategy requires knowing something about the thinking of people with whom you intend to communicate. This means listening as well as “sending messages.”

This is where we come in.  We will show you what people are thinking about you and your organization and why they think as they do.  We will produce information you can actually put to work to develop an effective communication strategy.

Blending communication theory, cutting edge technology and traditional qualitative and quantitative research methods, Elway Research helps our clients navigate the information age.